Social Security Disability FAQs

Houston Social Security Disability FAQs

Why do I need a lawyer to help me? Why should I hire Makris Law Firm?

your Social Security case and other matters when you need us. Victor Makris is one of the longest-serving disability lawyers in the state. We’ve been helping people in Houston and Texas for over 40 years.

When should I contact an attorney about representation?

You should contact an attorney before you file a claim with the Social Security Administration. Makris Law Firm can help you plan a strategy to win your case from the beginning. If you wait to get an attorney after your claim has been denied, you may harm your case with different damaging statements or other information. This information can be used against you on appeal.


If I need to apply, what should I do?

First you contact Social Security. Second you will need to provide information on your medical conditions, treatment, medication, and work history. You can apply online at,call (800) 772-1213, or visit your local attorney in person.

If I applied but was denied, what should I do?

You should appeal. To appeal, you must make your request in writing within 60 days from the date you received a denial letter. Five days after the date on the letter begins your 60 day period.

How much does it cost to hire an attorney for my Social Security disability case?

Federal law regulates attorneys’ fees in Social Security disability cases. So, virtually every disability lawyer works on the same fee basis. The lawyer’s fee is 25% of the past due disability benefits you get. There is no fee if you lose.

Where is Makris Law Firm located? Does Makris Law Firm offer appointments?

Our main office is on Bissonnet Street between I-59S and Beltway 8. Both highways can be seen from the parking lot. We offer in-person and telephone appointments. We were the first Makris Law Firm serving the Houston area and Texas.

Does Makris Law Firm offer telephone appointments?

Yes. We can often schedule a same-day or next-day appointment from the time you call our office. An attorney is always available in emergency situations. Please feel free to contact us at 888-228-5663 for an evaluation of your case. Hablamos Español.

What does it mean that Victor Makris is a “Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer”?

To become board certified, an attorney must have:

  • Been licensed to practice law at least five years and be a member of the bar in good standing
  • Practiced a certain percentage of Personal Injury law for at least three years
  • Attended Personal Injury law continuing education seminars regularly
  • Been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges
  • Passed a day-long written examination.

Who is eligible for disability benefits from Social Security?

Under Social Security rules, you’re only considered disabled (and eligible for benefits) if a medical condition or injury is expected to keep you from working for at least 12 months. The disability can be a physical condition, a mental condition, or a combination of both.

Are mental illnesses eligible for disability benefits?

Yes. Mental illness is a frequently used basis for getting Social Security disability benefits.

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

If you have not paid enough money into the Social Security system to qualify for benefits, then you may still be able to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The government will look at your income status and review what resources are available to you. This is used in determining your qualification.

If I win my case, will I receive medical help in addition to cash benefits?

That depends. If you’ve been eligible for Social Security Disability for two years – whether you’ve actually received the benefits or not – you qualify for Medicare. If you’re awarded Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you won’t receive Medicare, but rather Medicaid, a needs-based program that provides for a number of prescriptions and doctor visits each month.

How can I find out if my medical condition qualifies for disability benefits?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has developed a list of medical conditions and illnesses that may qualify you for benefits. To find out if your medical condition is one of those, please call or contact us today.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicaid is a program for people with limited resources. Many disabled people who get Medicaid get it because they are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). To get SSI and thereby get Medicaid you have to be poor and disabled. Medicaid does pay for all prescription medications. Medicare is also a program but it does not matter whether you are rich or poor. If you have been on Disability Insurance Benefits, Disabled Widows or Widowers Benefit or Disabled Adult child Benefits for 24 months or more, you qualify for Medicare. Medicare does not begin until after a person has been on disability benefits for two years, and it only pays for prescriptions through Medicare Part D.

If I receive notice that I will have a hearing, what should I do?

Your greatest chance to win your claim is at the hearing level, when a judge will personally meet with you and hear your complaints and problem. It is important to hire an experienced attorney to represent you who understands Social Security’s rules and requirements. It is also important to do this at the earliest stage possible in your claim for Social Security.

What questions should I ask someone before hiring them to help me with my disability case?

  • Is the attorney or firm local to the Houston area or out of state?
  • Are they really attorneys or non-attorney representatives?
  • Will your case be handled by an attorney?
  • Will the attorney meet with you before the day of your hearing?
  • Is the attorney is available for phone meetings if you’re unable to visit the office in personlip>

If I win my disability case, how much money will I receive?

For Social Security Disability benefits, it all depends upon how much you have worked and earned in the past. For disabled widow’s or widower’s benefits, it depends upon how much the late husband or wife worked and earned. For disabled adult child benefits, it all depends upon how much the parent worked and earned. For all types of SSI benefits, there is a base amount that an individual with no other income receives. Other income that an individual has reduces the amount of SSI which an individual can receive.

I’m in interested in talking with The Makris Law Firm. What should I do?

Contact our office today. We’ll arrange a consultation to discuss the details of your case.